YourMeta World

Your Meta World is a brand new Metaverse created by Naail El-Sawah as an entry into the Moralis 2022 Hackathon (and now Meter's 2022 Ethereum Hackathon). YourMeta.World is a proof of concept for what is possible when the Metaverse is truly decentralised.


Moralis 2022 Hackathon "Best Use of IPFS or NFT.Storage for Content-Addressed Data" Winner
Awarded Filecoin's $5k "Micro-Grant" to Facilitate Further Development


My name is Naail El-Sawah and I am a recent Computer Science graduate from the United Kingdom. I first began buying Crypto back in 2017 just as that years bull run was forming. At first my interest in Crypto was purely from an investment point of view, but I gradually became more interested in the technology behind the tokens I was investing in and their potential use cases.

During my second year of university I interned at Zubr VR (among other places), and fell further in love with Virtual Reality technology. During the pandemic I began to work as a web developer, specialising in Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify. Over the last year I have become fascinated with NFT's and their integration into 3D digital worlds.

When Mark Zuckerberg announced to the world that he was creating the "Metaverse", the Crypto community became flooded with projects proclaiming to the be the Metaverse of the future. We saw centralised, finite digital land sold at astonishingly high prices to those new to crypto who had enough funds. We saw the mass monetisation of low value projects which promised to offer holders "a place in the Metaverse". And we saw promising technologies of the future overhyped and overvalued in their infancies, in order to earn a quick buck.

This was my motivation for Your Meta World. I set out to create a project which offered some solutions to the problems I saw in todays Metaverse projects.

Problem One - Land

Most Meteverse applications currently contain a finite amount of land, owned by a central authority and auctioned off in public and private "land sales" for extortionate amounts of money.

This is precisely the opposite of what a decentralised, block chain based Metaverse is meant to be. The Metaverse should be a fundamentally decentralised digital landscape of creators and consumers, with no one entity controlling the flow of currency and/or assets.

Problem Two - True Ownserhip & Cross Platform

The vast majority of NFT's that have flooded the market at present day, corner themselves off as exclusive groups which offer exclusive benefits to their holders. Whilst it's understandable that the NFT's must have a unique selling point in order for them to be a suitable investment proposition, currently they are only usable in a specific area of the digital world.

This goes against the idea of a user truly owning their NFT, as they can only interact with it a finite space under finite conditions. This once again is the complete opposite of what a block chain based Metaverse should be. Users should be allowed to display, wear, modify and combine their NFT's in any way they see fit inside of one (or many) digital places.

They should be able to interact with their NFT's in 3D or 2D, in AR or VR or not.

Problem Three - Lack of Innovation & Tools

Perhaps most frustratingly, many NFT collections being released nowadays are very often just copy cat projects with art work that follows whatever the latest crypto meme is. These projects fail to use their considerable funds and popularity to invest in technological innovation in the Crypto space, and instead offer holders nothing more than "The best community" and a 2D piece of artwork, with promises of an exclusive digital space in Decentraland one day.

The NFT space will eventually evolve into something far greater then it currently is, however as of right now there is a severe lack in NFT tools which encourage exciting innovation and use cases among NFT creators and developers.



Your Meta World views land as an infinite resource, which every wallet should be allowed to share in. Every user will have their own plot of free land which they will own forever

Every user will have their own freely expandable piece of the Metaverse, thus making buying/selling land plots redundant and removing the concept of land sales from this Metaverse.


Every wallets NFT's are their own, and they are free to do whatever they please with them. Your Meta World, offers a small range of tools and experiences which allow users to interact with their NFT's in a new way in VR.

Users can wear, display, wrap (around 3D objects) and touch their NFT's for the first time in their own VR traversable and expandable digital land.


Your Meta World hopes to offer a large range of free innovative services available to its users in the near future. At present we are able to offer the worlds first 3D GLTF NFT lazy minter.

This minter allows users to upload 3D GLTF files to the IPFS network, and then dynamically load these NFT's into a 3D VR traversable environment within which they can then interact with them as if they were real objects!

Web 3.0 Technologies/Services Used

The Applications

1. Wallet Registration

2. Mint a 3D NFT Gas Free (optional)

3. View Your 3D NFT in VR (optional)

4. View Your Existing 2D NFT's in VR & Visit Our 3D Marketplace

5. View Our Web Based Marketplace Running on Avalanche


Register Wallet (Important) 3D NFT Minter Interact with Your 3D NFT's in VR! Travel Through Space in Your Own NFT Gallery in VR!
(You might even make it to the moon!)
Check out our NFT Marketplace on Avalanche

Application Architecture & Tech Stack

The heart of our software is our custom REST API which is used to dynamically update/retrieve data from our Mongo DB database. The database currently only contains publicly available information about wallets, such as the public wallet address, NFT balance, token balance etc. By storing this information in one place, it makes it easy for us to make HTTP requests to the server in order to retrieve important info about a users wallet. This is especially important when building with softwares such as Unity, which are incompatible with standard JavaScript libraries and Node.
We use Moralis for both user authentication and data retrieval (about a wallets contents), as well as for minting NFT's with Moralis's Rarible plugin.
Our front end is split up into two main sections.
Finally, we have two VR applications developed in Unity for displaying and interacting with a wallets NFT's. The appropriate information (such as IPFS URL's) are retrieved via a HTTP request. The request returns a Json object which is parsed and then converted into 3D objects inside of the Unity scene. Scripts are then attached to these objects to allow for VR interactability.

Hackathon Video Entry

Business Proposition & Vision

Our goal is to become the most popular NFT exchange in the world, overtaking Opensea and its competitors to become the number one NFT trading platform available world wide. We hope to do this by creating a suite of tools which allow users to easily mint various files (sound files, 3D files, code scripts etc.) without technical expertise, and then interact with these NFT's inside of a sandbox. The main application that Your Meta World will provide, will be its very own decentralised Metaverse, in which users will be able to host events inside of their spaceship, create different layouts and scenes, invite friends over and live their digital lives in freedom.

Users will be able to navigate to the moon where they can buy, sell and trade NFT's and crypto. Artists and entertainers will be able to setup private rooms which users can either enter for free, or gain access to by purchasing an NFT ticket. Users can host digital movie nights, create and play their video games, have social gatherings, network and more. This will remove the centralisation of many industries, especially entertainment.

Imagine a group of users who hold their very own short film festival, in which individuals empowered by the relatively cheap modern day animation and motion tracking technology currently available participate in with Pixar quality movie entries. Imagine amateur video game creators holding hackathons in their very own Metaworld, and releasing a mind boggling VR experience intertwined with Crypto and NFT's.

Your Meta World is uniquely positions to be at the heart of all of this, by offering a unique set of totally decentralised tools and resources that users can build upon themselves. Just like other exchanges, we will charge a small percentage of around 2% for all transactions which go through our exchange. However, we will never force users to use our exchange to buy or sell NFT's. It just so happens that most will choose to do so as our exchange offers the best tools and experiences (can you mint a 3D helmet and throw it like a frisbee on Opensea??).